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The Kooks Naive (Cover) by @Irinakins

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This design outline came from many political conversations me and Owner Malani @hehiau_official been having, in fact when we go surfing we might just talk more about those topics than we catch waves. There’s nothing racially biased about the language we used but it is based on past historical events that happened between natives and foreigners.
Now that we have your attention…Why does Hawaii have the highest electric rates in the nation? The national average is 9 cents per watt while the highest in the states comes in at 16 cents per watt…Hawaii comes in at a whopping 35 cents per watt which is twice as much as the highest city in the continental US!
Gas and Land prices also contribute to this frustration. We’re getting pushed out of our homelands because we won’t be able to afford it soon!
This shirt is simply our way of expressing a topic we often discuss and bottom line it’s our opinion. If you don’t agree that’s your right and purchasing this shirt doesn’t make sense and we respect that. No love lost but I’m pretty sure it may have stirred your curiosity and that’s what it was about. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate that.


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Moloka’i Nui Aina

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Invitation only to us, means showing up with no expectations and gaining as much back from the experience as you are willing to put into it. Protecting our home is important to us and to all of the future keiki of Hawai’i nei. I want to do my part and malama the small piece of paradise I call home. For us it’s about having respect for those around you as well as for the ‘aina we all share. In other words, You wouldn’t reach into someone else’ cooler without asking for permission first, right? Mahalo to all the souljahz out there fighting our good fight to keep Hawai’i nei beautiful, you are the true heroes. Big mahalo to the Farmers Market Hawaii ohana, Keoni Payton, and Sean-Paul Wilkerson for sharing with us an unforgettable experience and allowing us to truly appreciate what is always there.

Moloka’i Adventures

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San Francisco

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FMHI X Alameda Pop Up Shop

SF Models

Warehouse Bless Sesh

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As an artist I’m always looking for things to inspire my creativity so I can come up with designs and concepts I feel good about, granted not all people will understand my angles and inspirations for such projects but this one I think was well rounded enough that it’s more easily understood. We all have grandparents and in my opinion they are the glue that hold the families together and one day we might even be blessed to become that glue for our family’s. This shirt release was my way of passing that Moolelo in a translation that I’m comfortable with. (And share it with the world)
Im not a Role model but my grandfather is.

The Perfect Pair

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I cant say I went into this knowing the outcome and at first I did have a game plan and to be honest I had to coax myself back into grind mode and get cracking with this interview. His hospitality was so overwhelming I wanted to just drink beers and talk story with my dude, his very knowledgable background in not only sneakers but the whole hip hop culture was refreshing to say the least. Ol boy comes from Indian decent (Native american- The original land holders) And his tribal Moolelo was very inspiring because I too wish the Native Hawaiians could come together for a more focused and beneficial plan of action. I could launch into a whole political conversation right now but thats not what this blog update is about so i’ll stay on track, but if you ever wanna chop it up over lunch or a couple cold ones I would love to share that moolelo he passed down to me to you.

I wanted this to be a little different from the nice kicks interview, not to say I didnt enjoy the nice kicks interview because in all honesty for the  sneakerheads I think they did a very exceptional job and I was thoroughly impressed. I  just wanted ours to be more grass roots give you a feeling behind what and who every one calls THE PERFECT PAIR!

Sadly though after the trip to Cali was over I felt like I missed out on the chance to meet a very great and inspirational person in Kennys life which was Louis (His older brother who passed on recently) who he and Anthony often referred to in many of our conversations. Sharing stories of people who are no longer around is a way we keep them alive in spirit and now a part of that spirit even lives in Hawaii…

Big  Mahalos to Anthony from immortal kennels, Kenny and the whole Gonzales Ohana for your Hospitality. 

So do you know what the perfect pair is now?… (some will get it)


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This Collective was put together by myself as way of looking back and putting some history into old ,middle and new school as a way of preservation. In many ways I felt a heavy push to educate and help the youth new to the scene have a more well rounded understanding of the graff scene out here in Hawaii. (as it once was and as it is now ) For myself it weaved right into the history of old hawaii and new hawaii and my personal quest into melding the two in my own life.


Each artist was tasked with Incorporating an image they felt was significant to them and represented the Brand as well. We had minimal input other than we said were known for Tiki’s, Pineapples and definitely HAWAII. I enjoyed there personal stories as much as there designs and im blessed to be able to have a relationship with them that transcends to more than just buying a design from a stranger…Imua


My Braddahs my braddahs!



FMHI: Name please, if your not comfortable saying your real name we respect that justake one up and how long have you been in the game.

John Prime, I started about 30 years ago

FMHI: What made you interested in doing this colab? “Rise of the old gods”

PRIME - Good question! Itʻs always important to honor the past..that way, we know where we came from. Sometimes we get lost on our journey and forget to look at the elders for guidance. Iʻm still learning that today.

FMHI: What’s the motivation behind this piece?

PRIME - Estria and I were approached to put something up that relates to “culture”. He came up with the idea of doing the COAT of ARMS but giving it that graff funk. We really didnʻt have any idea what the hell we were doing. All we knew was..this was for the people! Things were just starting to evolve in Kakaako and we also took into consideration the “unrested” ones needed closure. In our own little way, we wanted to say to them, no matter what changes might come, they( our Akuas, our Kupunas, our Kingdom) will never be forgotten!!

FMHI: What do you think about the graff scene now and how has it changed throughout the years?

PRIME - The scene now is definitely different from the scene I grew up in. Not to say that one is better than the other, but just different. From the styles to the struggles. In the early 80s, things were so simple. Hawaii was still experiencing rapid growth and for those like me, we were losing touch with our cultural identity. Thanks to the elders, we got false cracked right back into reality. Today, is the Age of Technology. Everything is high speed and so I see less interest in the things that guys from my generation took the time to master. Which means in the end, every generation evolves differently.
Put it this way, fast and furious is cool and exciting, but nothing beats a ʻ32 Ford Coupe cruising the streets on any given day! Thatʻs just me.

FMHI: Who did you look up to when you first started writing?
PRIME - Thereʻs so many to list..for me it was all New York. I was already popping and locking around the scene. Krush458 was my partner in grime then. Then, the bboy scene hit Hawaii hard! One of my first influences that I can remember is a rocksteady album cover that Doze did. Then the books came out..(Spray Can Art and Subway Art) Dondi, Futura, Seen, Lee..My early styles definitely came from them.
We didnʻt have internet then, so we would take whatever we could find and kind of worked it. Thatʻs what made Hawaii so special. We were isolated so it meant us having to be creative to avoid being called a biter. Even though itʻs the first step when you got in the game you made sure your shit broke off once you got the hang of it.

FMHI: Lastly and most importantly what does Hawaii mean to you?
PRIME - Hawaii means a lot more to me today than it did 30 years ago thatʻs for sure! Iʻll share with you the knowledge that has been passed on to me by my mentors:
Throughout the polynesian chain, some form of Hawaii exists. In Samoa, there is Savaiʻi. Maori people have Hawaiki..Why?
It wasnʻt just a place name. It was a gift to us by the ancients. A template, so to speak, on how to live our lives and it breaks down like this..
HA-The breath of life. From the first breath we take when we enter to the last breath we leave..nothing is ours to take.
WAI-Is the source of life. Itʻs what makes up majority of our bodies and connects us to the land and all of itʻs inhabitants.
I-Is the spirit. It is that connection between you and I and our creator-IO
Basically, it tells us-In this lifetime, take care of your body, your health and the health of others from our keiki to kupunas. Take care of the land that nourishes us. Most importantly, treat each other with kindness and respect! EO!!

FMHI: Wanna give any shout outs?
PRIME - First, Mahalo piha to FMHI for doing this!! I am honored to be a part of this important body of work. Mahalo to all the writers/artists that have inspired me both then and now(sorry, too many to name). Mahalo ke Akua, na Aumakua, na Kupuna! Mahalo