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We’ve wanted to do something awesome for our farmers fam! We decided to launch a rewards program for everyone who loves our brand. It is a great opportunity to be a brand advocate and introduce Farmers Market Hawaii to friends and family all while being awarded at the same time. Create an account today to learn more.

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How do I sign up?

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  • Open the red rewards button at the bottom right hand corner and your in! (5 seconds)
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Benefits for joining the program



Be a brand ambassador! Invite your friends to make their first purchase online.  Give them $10 on for there first purchase  then be rewarded on your next purchase. 


Pineapple Points

Yes, you can now earn points by shopping online.  We are rewarding you all with points for Following us on Social media, placing orders, sharing our website on social media etc.  see complete list below.


VIP Program

We are rewarding our customers who are the most active online. Each new tier has its own perks so stayed tuned!

🤝 Give $10 Get $10

Refer a friend who's never purchased from our store and share a post via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger. Minimum purchase order $60.  

🍍 Many ways to earn pineapple points 

There are many ways to earn online.  We reward those who are the most active within the Farmers Market Hawaii community online.

🔥 VIP Tiers 

Bronze: Just getting started.

Silver: Earn an additional 500 points after you spend $500 in the last 365 days.

Gold: This is the highest tier of the program.  Gain eligibility after you spend $1,000 in the last 365 days.  Hear about upcoming products before everyone else.  Access to close VIP Facebook Group & be able to provide valuable feed to form Farmers Market Hawaii Future.  1000 Pineapple Points. New ways to earn points - Share on Facebook - 50 Points. 

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Farmers Market Hawaii Rewards

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