Farmers Market Hawaii is a clothier with integrity-based cultural designs, inspired by the way of life and history of Hawaii.  We want to be both a voice and hope for the younger generation who had a rough childhood, especially the ones that didn't have much growing up; the something from-nothings.  We strive to keep our products fresh and homegrown through providing stories related to our culture, and supporting local businesses with jobs. 

FMHI Humble Beginnings

Artist Keoni Payton began printing and selling shirts from the trunk of a car.  With an accountable outlook and passionate effort, Farmers Market Hawaii began to grow.  

We always focus on building stronger relationships to further our brand. We are committed to maintaining the value of our products. We offer various headwear, apparel, accessories, and custom artwork.  We currently have two retail stores (Hawaii, and Las Vegas), online warehouse, art gallery, and are looking to expand into Guam and Japan.


We value creating a family like culture with our customers, where everyone feels like they belong and are welcome. We consistently aim to challenge the status quo, and find new ways to better our company and each other.