Its time to really wake up. Things that have been happening these past 10 months aren't normal and I feel sorry for the ...

Its time to really wake up. Things that have been happening these past 10 months aren't normal and I feel sorry for the people who are accepting it as their "new normal" nothing about this is fkn normal kids swimming in a fucken ocean with masks on is not normal. We've allowed our government to instill fear and ignore the failed leadership, with all the mandates and billions of dollars they have received we are no better off today than we were in March. We allow them to brainwash us thinking its because of our neighbors friends family and community, we've become so fixated on surviving a virus we've never caught or could possibly die from we are killing our souls, destroying our communities, our children , future, and our world as we know it. The solution should never be worse than the cure. People have destroyed themselves physically & mentally more damage done by the mandates and evil than the virus. You can keep saying its a conspiracy and have your beliefs but I'll still stand by mine. The mandates aren't based off of health, its social status money and corruption. If the federal government stated taking away money from states for every covid case the numbers would drastically decrease, it was set up to help with the unknown back in March, greed, and corruption took over quickly once they saw how much money it was brining in. Don't lose sight that were all in the same storm different boats and all human. Its unethical for you to value your health over anothers take responsibility for yourself do what you need to do and stop expecting others to mentally & physically decline themselves family lives to save you. Take accountability. Eat healthy. Exercise. Build up immunity. Be kind . And remember God trumps us all. Happy 2021

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  • Justin Honokaupu

    Aloha Braddah’s, Titah’s, and our precious Keiki!!!! After reading braddah Kendall’s message it definitely lit a fire 🔥 in myself. All this wicked and crooked government officials taking advantage of there own people. Top of the food chain so called fearless leaders trying everything in there power to make us feel like puppets in this rat race of a world that becomes more corrupted each day while innocent people get hurt they turn there heads and watch there bank accounts grow. Life is a gift given to us to make something of ourselves and to show love at all cost regardless of skin color and differences. We as Hawaiian people represent one of Gods main rules, and that is love!!!! Love an aloha flows through us naturally because we represent what true aloha is and will forever be. One thing these politicians lack is common sense, and the ability to know that in the end we all die and go back to Mother Earth 🌏. Take care of your family, friends and neighbors it start with us as individuals to make a difference don’t let this sickness (COVID) run fear through your homes or lives. God created us with such perfection to fight off sickness, fruits and vegetables to keep our immunities strong and durable, yet these clowns create man made sickness and then man made cures for something that a natural grown plant can cure. Open your minds and free your souls. Natural old school mama and papa recipes still keep my kids and myself healthy and strong from the inside out. So like braddah Kendall said, eat healthy and most of all take accountability!!!! Stand up ⬆️ and live 🤙🏾

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